cash money yoda gift
Cash Money Graduation Gift Ideas

The gift your grad is hoping for?  Probably some sort of money graduation gift ideas.  Yes, you could put […]

Plasma Nightlight at Urban Outfitters
High School Graduation Gifts to Take to College

Searching for high school graduation gifts that will be right for college in the fall?  We vote […]

YOLO Necklace by Bijjou at Etsy
YOLO Graduation Gifts

 YOLO YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE Think of it as the Carpe Diem for a new generation.  In […]

carpe diem
Carpe Diem Graduation Gifts

 Carpe Diem.  Seize the Day. As your grad embarks on the next chapter in life, consider graduation […]

Mini Dorm Essentials for My Grad
DIY: Mini Dorm Essentials for My Grad

This bag of under-rated dorm essentials is my go-to high school graduation gift because it’s full of […]


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