Personalized Gift Guides

We know that you’re super busy and gift shopping is the last thing you have time for.  That’s why we’ve tried to make this as painless as possible.  Here’s how our site works:

  1. Pick a category from the home page:  Who do you need to buy a gift for?  or what’s the occasion?
  2. Pick a post from the category page.
  3. Click a product link in the post and buy the gift right then & there at our favorite on-line retailers:  Done.


Really easy, right?


And yes, we know you have a budget so our gift ideas are actually realistic.  You won’t find $100 cashmere onesies or $250 hand-stitched wallets here. We’re more about $30 baby foot print artwork or $6 monogram finger nail stickers or even $13 Star Wars chopsticks.


Happy shopping!




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